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About Our App

PTE Success Exam preparation is a practice and study APP for the PTE Academic Official Practice. Get insights on your enabling skills such as content, pronunciation, oral fluency as well as grammar, spelling mistakes, vocabulary and written discourse for writing exercises.

PTE Prediction Question

Get the latest PTE Exam questions and get your desired PTE score at the Pearson Test of English.

AI Scoring Engine

PTE Success App reproduces the Pearson PTE official score guide to make sure you get accurate and reliable mock test results.

Extra PTE-A Material

Become a real PTE master with all our PTE tools and tutorials. Be ready for exam after reading all tips and tricks from our experts on our blog.

How The App Works?


There are more than 1600 questions with detailed explanations to get you ready for the PTE Academic test. Fully interactive app with Speaking and Writing analysis.


Practice the latest repeated PTE questions to help you prepare for the real test. Test your skills with our new scored mock test! Our mobile app offers Speech recognition as well as instant essay correction to master all PTE tricks. Pick an exercise and start your PTE practice now!

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The only PTE app that offers scored mock tests and essay analysis! We use Artificial Intelligence machine grading for accurate speech recognition. You can now now get your desired score faster with PTE Exam Preparation app.


After you pass your real PTE exam, come back and tell us about your experience so we can keep on helping other people to pass. Share the best PTE Academic Preparation app for Android and iOS.

PTE Academic mobile app

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